Responsive project methodology

R6 - Methodology of developing, publishing and re-using digital micro-learning contents

The aim of R6 is to develop downloadable e-books in 4 languages.


R5 Mini-courses and projects of VET students

The draft model of the innovative teaching-learning method will be elaborated including the production and sharing of re-usable digital micro-learning contents and applying them in mini-courses wit

Digital micro-learning contents

R4 Repository of re-usable digital micro-learning content for VET

The Consortium intends to develop a model for creating, using and re-using high quality digital micro-learning contents which deliver small pieces of knowledge and develop a set of professional, tr

Responsive projects

R3 – Labour market-oriented projects for students

The aim of R3 is to develop project tasks in multidisciplinary approach by involving of companies and planning the mini-

Online training

R2 –PBL with interdisciplinary approach – blended course for VET teachers

The aim of these working phase is to elaborate the resources (curriculum, e-learning environment, learning content and methodology) of the blended course for VET teachers in order to prepare them f


R1 – Study on 21st century relevance of textbooks and learning content

The aim of these working phase is to perform a thorough analysis of learning outcomes, curricula, learning materials and applied methods o