The aim of these working phase is to elaborate the resources (curriculum, e-learning environment, learning content and methodology) of the blended course for VET teachers in order to prepare them for applying a new model of teaching integrating labour market-oriented content development and project-based methods in a collaboration with other teachers, students and companies.

4 online modules will be implemented:

  1. Project-based learning
  2. Digital Tools for VET project management
  3. Innovative assessment practices for VET
  4. Creation and innovative use of digital content for VET) which will be followed by a practical session in project management.


  • ·       R2-A1: Curriculum and course design for blended learning

  • ·       R2-A2: Content development and review (EN, HU, DE, IT)

  • ·       R2-A3: Implementation and testing of the online learning environment

  • ·       R2-A4: Piloting the course with VET teachers in three countries (DE, IT, HU)