The aim of R3 is to develop project tasks in multidisciplinary approach by involving of companies and planning the mini-course for covering missing pieces of knowledge, skills and competences they need to solve the project tasks. The results of the upskilling course of teachers (R2) will be utilized in these activities.

Real-life project tasks will be created for VET students (the target group here) who will be supported/guided by their teachers in the process that leads to the successful completion of the project tasks assigned by representatives of the labour market in the selected sectors. The project tasks will be based on the needs of the labour market, and they will be designed in a multidisciplinary approach. As an example, a project task can be the automation of the watering system in a partner schools’ green house. It will involve programming (IT) but also knowledge that comes from the professionals in agriculture: defining the periods of watering, the amount of water used, etc.

  • R3 - A1: Defining projects - based on the demands of the labour market
  • R3 - A2: Design student projects with multidisciplinary approach
  • R3 - A3: Developing project plans including mini-courses