The aim of these working phase is to perform a thorough analysis of learning outcomes, curricula, learning materials and applied methods of the initial/basic training of two sectors: Agriculture and forestry, IT and telecommunications, in all partner countries.

  • R1-A1: Analysis of curricula and learning materials in the partner countries
  • R1-A2:  Assess relevance of textbooks and teaching methods by involving stakeholders
  • R1-A3: Comparative study, conclusions and recommendations

The innovative aspect of the related activities is the combination of various methods at the same time, involvement of several stakeholders especially the consultation on the learning content not only with the educators, but with the beneficiaries (students) and with the representatives of the labour market. We expect that there will be practices in the German dual system, and in the Italian labour market oriented tertiary VET education that will be worth adapting in Hungary as well.