The Consortium intends to develop a model for creating, using and re-using high quality digital micro-learning contents which deliver small pieces of knowledge and develop a set of professional, transversal and digital skills of VET students. The aim of R4 is to design and develop a web-based application, an online repository of vocational micro-learning contents, managable by a group of expert teachers inside or outside the VET schools.

The planned results, digital micro-learning contents (DMLCs) are innovative in the following:

  • modular: micro-size digital learning content elements will be developed to ensure wider and longer re-usability
  • high-quality: educational expert partner (iTStudy) will supervise content creation making sure that pedagogy is in focus
  • multidisciplinary: content elements will be taken from different subject areas, built around projects specified in R3


  • R4-A1: Collect available Open Educational Resources for selected topics
  • R4-A2: Develop re-usable, high quality digital micro-learning contents (DMLCs)
  • R4-A3: Design and development of multilingual online repository of re-usable digital micro-learning contents (DMLCs).
  • R4-A4: Publishing DMLCs in the repository in three European languages

Picture: Gerd Altmann