Discovery Center Kft was founded in 2012 with the goal of researching and educating in modern agriculture and innovative IT technologies. Our operation basically consists of three divisions: research, services and education.

As far as the research activity is concerned, the Discovery Center Kft has been involved in several R&D EU and national projects. Currently coordinating 11 EIP-Agri Operational groups throughout the country, conducting on-farm trials and educating farmers to the latest technologies. Currently we are also involved in a H2020 project on bioenergy, conducting field research and data collection. Our main research areas include, soil health, UAV systems, artificial intelligence in decision making in agriculture, micro plastics in the agricultural environment and food system.
Most of our research is aimed to produce a new service or product which can be implemented by our consultancy department, thus result a valuable service to help farmers to achieve sustainable goals. Our main research infrastructure includes an accredited soil and water laboratory, several UAVs, GPS based automated soil sampling machine, complete soil survey equipment, high capacity computing environment etc.

Our service/consultancy department is mainly focusing on precision agriculture. In the last 10 years we have been working with more than 500 farmers in 3 countries, covering more than 250.000 hectares. Our service offers a full solution from database building to machinery recommendations and training. The main areas of this division’s activity are:

  • Remote sensing with satellites and drones
  • GIS services
  • Soil sampling
  • Fertilizer and seeding planning
  • Plant protection consultancy
  • Soil and Plant Analytics
  • Soil Protection Plans
  • Agricultural farm management systems

Our staff has long experience in higher education, and building on this we have been offering training for farmers and young professionals in the following topics:

  • Soil science
  • GIS and RS in precision agriculture
  • Innovation brokers
  • Integrated soil protection

Previously we have been involved in several ERASMUS, Visegrad and other program funded projects, focusing on either sustainable agriculture or education of young professional in the region. We have been the first organization to offer training for young innovation brokers on several summer schools and trainings.