Our school has specialized classes for those who want to keep up with the developments of technology in a fast-changing world and extend their knowledge in the world of informatics (software developer); and we also specialize in pedagogy (pedagogical assistant / special education assistant) and healthcare (nurse). We keep in touch with professional enterprises and experts, other secondary schools and universities / higher-education institutes in these fields. Our goal is to raise students who are wise enough to be responsible for their future, have a sense of the true value of things, who have self-awareness and are conscious of the world around them. We contribute to the growth of our students’ physical, mental and psychological state, our special aim is to elaborate our students’ awareness of spiritual and moral values – our teachers are the primary intermediaries of those. The school is a developing, innovative one, the colleagues are ambitious and the number of students are growing year-by-year (the school in its present form has been existing since 2017). At present our school is attended by 132 students altogether and the number of permanent staff is 17 at the moment – these numbers will increase from Sept 2021, we are going to have approximately 200 students and 18 full-time teachers. Our students prepare for the General Certificate of Secondary Education (Matura) and they also accomplish technical education/ vocational training. The school has an own virtual learning environment (Moodle), which acts as the main platform of digital education and which will hopefully aid our blended learning ambitions after the pandemic situation. We consider digital skills essential in each field of life and profession. We do believe that young people must be able to competently evaluate and manage information on the internet, use different online tools and also to develop digital content. We would like to raise our students’ awareness of online threats and the netiquette. Our school participates in different national and international projects, in cooperation with other schools. The latest projects we were involved in are: MoneyWeek (Pénz7), ReactiVet (Erasmus), and we are developing a program for English for Net, Grammar, Language, Informatics, Software and Hardware (Tempus). We have experience in curriculum / material development (also in the field of IT Safety), our teachers believe in life-long learning.