The Association of Hungarian Horticultural Vocational Institutes held its inaugural session in March 1995. The Association is a well-established organization with national coverage and 23 member schools. Current members of the board work in several schools in several parts of the country, so they have a good overview of the horticultural education achievements and problems in all Hungarian regions. The president of the association is Sándor Hajnal, who is also a teacher and principal of the Central Hungary Agricultural Vocational Training Center Magyar Gyula and Varga Márton Horticultural Technical and Vocational School. 

The number of teachers teaching vocational subjects in the association is about 400. 

In recent years, cooperation with the German education center BBS Ammerland has been extended. In October 2016, representatives of the BBS were welcomed for a one-week visit by our association, during which a cooperation agreement was signed between the two parties. 

MAKESZISZ holds two general assemblies a year, attended by the principals of the member schools or teachers they delegate, with 20-30 people present on occasion. On the second day of the general assemblies, a teacher training session is held, where the participating teachers are informed about the current issues. 

2 or 3 times a year, the president of the association gives information on changes in vocational education to businesses of related fields. At various vocational events, the president of MAKESZISZ organizes flower arrangement demonstrations for floral artist students and teachers. On these occasions, horticultural competitions are organized and professional training courses are held, reaching 50-100 people. 

The association has also been involved in the development of vocational curricula in the past. MAKESZISZ reviewed the content of the new Horticultural Technician education and the new qualification register, and also made a proposal on how to conduct said education. 

The association regularly supports national and international competitions for the professional development of students and teachers. It participates in the Skills Hungary Program, providing financial and professional support to the competitors.