Deula-Nienburg GmbH was founded in the year 1926 and located in Nienburg since 1962. It’s modern training and education center, with the training facilities about 9.000 m² area, greenhouse and technic for gardening, 3ha training area. During this time Deula-Nienburg GmbH became an international partner for the agricultural education projects. Since 1980 Deula-Nienbug has been working outside of Germany, in the area of consulting the institutions and organizations in other countries on the questions of professional training and fulfills the projects aimed at the profit optimization in agriculture. Our staff consists 80 employees. DEULA-Nienburg offers a huge range of courses. Lots of them have been designed specifically for the professionals. We are offer programs in the areas of diary and pig farming as well as poultry and fish production. A main field of education is the practical training and consulting on land machines and mechatronics. As a “global player” we can use numerous connections to other institutions and organizations to provide specific expertise at the highest level. Many courses were written for professionals and executives, companies and farmers, however, courses are not only meant for professionals, but also for the amateur farmers. Deula-Nienburg can offer: - International standards - German quality of education - Highly skilled trainers