The company is a Hungarian SME founded more than 20 years ago by experts with academic background in Computer Sciences and Education. The main profile of the company covers: delivering IT trainings for adults and vocational education and developing of web-based educational solutions, online applications and e-learning platforms. We deliver accredited in-service training programmes for teachers and for higher education staff on innovative 21st century teaching methods (such as the Flipped Classroom method) and on digital education. The company used to work for Intel Corporation, as a vendor of learning content for Intel® Teach Elements international platform; the Hungarian version of “Project Based Approaches” for teachers were translated and localized by our developer team. Our developments include creation of curricula, online learning content (interactive multimedia, video tutorials, 3D games), eLearning solutions, content management portals with integrated web 2.0 tools for online collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing, game-based solutions by adapting Open Source frameworks like Moodle and Drupal to the specific requirements. iTStudy products follow learning outcome oriented, competence-based approach, linking the technological components strictly to the pedagogical aims and the learning needs of the target groups. Research areas of the company are the new learning/teaching paradigm of the information society, networked learning, game-based learning, educational use of social media and web 2.0 tools and video-based teaching methods that provide relevant experience and inputs for the project’s implementation.