Aim and objectives

The aim of the project is to reflect the needs of the labour market in vocational education and training, to prepare teachers to work with companies to develop project tasks for students and future employees to solve real problems proposed by them. Objectives to achieve this aim, the partnership will:

  • Review the curriculum, learning materials and teaching methods used in the initial training of IT and Agricultural sectors in the partner countries;
  • Train VET teachers of these sectors about the project method, related digital tools, innovative assessment practices and digital content creation;
  • Assign real-life project tasks for VET students, in close collaboration of teachers and labor market representatives;
  • Create a repository of project-based, re-usable, high-quality, motivating digital learning contents with an interdisciplinary approach;
  • Prepare students for successful project implementation by designing and delivering mini-courses for them;
  • Create a model to be published as a guide for teachers of other VET institutes.


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